How to make condoms sexy


We all know that the two most sexy things about using condoms are preventing STIs and as a form of birth control. That’s it. Condoms don’t necessarily scream innately sexy while getting intimate. But they primarily help with the two things mentioned earlier. So, let’s get to the real talk. Condoms can be the happy helper to ensure that your sexy time playlist doesn’t have to be paused at the wrong time.

Now that you have access to latex-free condoms, allergies are not an issue (you’re welcome) when you want to feel everything with your partner. However, that’s not the only thing about condoms that make it difficult to find them sexy. For condoms to be efficient, they need to be used correctly each time you have sex. Let’s make sure we have the process of wearing a condom right to enjoy a genuinely no-frills and satisfying experience for your partner and you. Make sure that the condom is the right side up – with the reservoir tip (this looks like a little protrusion coming out of the condom) of the condom facing upwards. The rim of the condom should be flaring out and in a position to roll downwards. Now, place the reservoir tip over the head of the condom and gently move your hands in a downward motion towards the shaft and then the base of the penis. Be sure to not use too much pressure while doing this or be too rough.  
Let’s be honest. Condoms can take some getting used to. This is mainly because a lot of disdain is shown towards condoms. Searching for them frantically, or having to stop or even pause while they’re being worn, takes away some sort of a feeling towards the set mood. 
A big part of that probably comes down to how our bodies respond to it. This is because the hard truth about STI transmission is that people who are the receiving partners — either anally, orally or vaginally — are more susceptible to many STI infections. That’s because of two reasons: One, their bodies are more likely to tear during sex and two, those body parts have mucous membranes that make it easier for infections to get into their bodies.
Here are some benefits that help the process of including condoms in your sexual routine a little easier :  

Extended climax

Condoms are known to cause delayed ejaculation, which means that the experience lasts longer and feels even better. 

Condom supply 

Keep a condom supply close by on your nightstand, so you remember to use them. Remember that easy access means you don’t need to press pause for too long. 

Pro tip: 

Check the wrapper or box’s expiry date to ensure the condom works well each time.

The added layer of protection 

Oral, vaginal, or anal – no matter how you like to get down, condoms give you a protective layer that you can safely rely on. Let us suppose you or your partner use any birth control alternatives such as IUDs, implants, rings, or pills. In that case, condoms help with an added layer of protection against pregnancies. Regardless, when it comes to protection against STIs, it’s your condom’s show all the way. They are the only birth control methods that help prevent the spread of STIs such as chlamydia, gonorrhoea, and HIV. Even if you already use a different type of birth control, it’s a good idea to still use condoms or internal condoms to further protect yourself from STIs.

Practice makes perfect

The sooner you can get the condom into the picture, the more pleasurable the heat of the moment gets. So, to feel comfortable and confident about using and wearing a condom…practice, practice, practice! 

Finding “the one”

No, condoms don’t come in one size. We know that. But did you know that they come in a variety of textures? Condoms can be dotted, ribbed, or thinner than air. Talk to your partner and figure out which helps maintain the mood better. 

Pro tip:

Sometimes, discussing the flavours and colours or adding some lubricant can help add some zing to your experience.

Convenience is key 

Condoms are probably the most convenient and portable method of contraception. They’re also discreet enough to be carried on the go, you know, just in case things get steamy in the middle of nowhere. 

No side-effects 

Condoms have gone through a lot of tests over the years to bring protection with maximum pleasure and to give you a skin-to-skin feeling during sex. They tend to show no side effects of use except the occasional latex allergy. Rarely latex (rubber) condoms can cause irritation for people with latex allergy sensitivities. Sometimes, the lube on certain types of condoms may also be a cause of irritation.
If you’re allergic to latex, consider switching brands after consulting with your doctor. Condoms and internal condoms made of polyurethane, polyisoprene, and nitrile are latex-free. You can find non-latex condoms in most of the same places where latex condoms are sold.


Condoms are reliable enough by providing nearly 97% protection from STIs and unintended pregnancies. Using them relieves your partner and you from unnecessary stress when all that’s necessary is getting it on. 
While being mindful of safe sex is essential, pleasure is as important for experiences worth remembering. All the STI-protection talk may be sexy when it comes to safety, but it doesn’t exactly help lay the foundation for the road to climax. 
Everybody wants good sex. But, what we fail to remember is that good sex takes one, communication of what you like and what you don’t with your partner and two, an understanding of what you or your partner is looking for when it comes to pleasure. 
Good sex is one of the most joyous and satisfying pleasures of life. It increases a sense of intimacy and understanding – physical and emotional – of your partner and also of your own body and self. Pleasure is an endless exploration, and that makes it an adventure. The trick is to tap into the sex appeal of condoms. Condoms can provide a sensational experience and redefine sexual pleasure. 
Here are some tried and tested ways in which condoms can prove to be a very easy prop to use to enhance pleasures you never thought you could experience. 
Yep, not only is it possible, but some of these are mind-blowingly hot! 
These can be implemented during foreplay or during sex (after making sure that your partner is comfortable with it, too, because consent is everything for an optimal sexual experience) : 

Help your partner wear the condom 

Why wait till after the condom is on to begin a sensorial experience? Sexperts believe that sensualising the process of wearing a condom can get couples into the right mood for an earth-shattering experience. 
For instance, your partner can use their hand, tongue and/or lips to get the condom in place. This is not only a great foreplay technique, but it is also a fantastic way to increase the excitement before you get in between the sheets. Before penetration, the sensation from the hand, tongue and/or lips takes things up a notch for your partner and you before you’ve even begun. What’s not to like?

Experimenting with condom textures 

Today, there are so many choices of condoms to choose from because they have been designed to provide pleasure as an added benefit to protection. Thinner or newer material condoms (polyisoprene, for example) can give heightened sensuality during sex. Dotted, ribbed or condoms with exceptional cooling or warming lubricants can create intense stimulation and pleasure for both parties.

Pro tip : 

Think of the condom as Cinderella’s shoe. Thinner condoms help enhance certain positions while dotted or ribbed condoms can help bring about intense feelings in certain positions. So, pick a day and/or night with your partner and find out which type helps both of you during which mood. This can also be an excuse to experiment and find out what sex position works best for your partner and you. 

Play some footsie 

There’s something about putting on a condom without using your hands. Try placing the condom securely on the tip with your hands, then lean back and balance yourself on your forearms. With your feet placed on either side of the penis, gently roll the condom down with your big toe. Watching you do that will ensure that the erection is steady since penis owners are very visual creatures. Additionally, it also helps you get a sense of how slow or fast your partner likes to be caressed. Start slow and keep pace with your partner as you discover what you want too. 

Pro tips : 

  • Linger around for a bit instead of just putting the condom on. Feel how the veins of the penis feel or how the shaft and/or head feel. An occasional kiss or three helps with creating the perfect sensory overload for both your partner and you. 
  • Maintain eye contact for a steamy condom-wearing session before you get right into it
  • Make sure your toenails are clean and have been cut well to avoid any unintended injuries.
  • Try using a few drops of water-based lube to smoothly get the condom on

 Add some lube 

A good lubricant can not only help increase the pleasure felt through the head of the penis, but it also helps reduce any discomfort for your partner. Water-based lubes work best since they reduce the risk of irritation and won’t cause any reactions for either you or your partner. 
Pro tips : 
  • They also help sex last longer by giving your partner and your bodies more room to feel everything
  • Use only a few drops. Remember not to go overboard with it because the condom might slip off, and we don’t want that
  • Don’t use an oil-based lube with a latex condom because that can damage the condom

Find the right flavour 

Condoms these days are being designed keeping protection as well as pleasure in mind. The best part is, this is about mutual pleasure too. To take the oral sex experience to the next level, try out different flavours. If you’re the one who’ll be performing fellatio, the flavour of the condom is all about your taste and preference. 

Pro tips

  • While the condom is being put on, get low and work your tongue at the base and around the shaft to enhance arousal for your partner and you.
  • If you and your partner are into it, you can also work in and around the inner thighs along with the pelvic region through your hands and/or lips.

Try wearing the condom the unconventional way

Have your partner place the condom with the reservoir tip of the condom over the preferred orifice for penetration and the rim of the condom facing the penis for it to go inward. Slowly insert the penis into the vagina, anus or mouth. Pull out a little more than halfway to ensure the condom has been worn correctly.

Pro tip : 

Don’t be in a rush. You’re wearing the condom and penetrating immediately after the other. Give your partner and your own body the space to relax and practice the process till it begins to fit like a glove. 

Engage your partner in a move with a view 

Give your partner their own X-rated experience with a view that wows. Get into the 69 sex position while being on top and putting the condom on. Your partner can give you some pleasure while you’re busy at work. 

Pro tip : 

If you’re the one wearing the condom, let your partner watch you as you pause for protection. Maintain eye contact and physical touch, and/or keep kissing your partner as you put on the condom to keep the pace in place. If you’re the kind who enjoys multitasking, keep your partner aroused by fingering them as they wait and watch you wear the condom. 
And now, the best for the last. 

Use a condom for a smooth ride 

The best part about this point is that when you’re on top and your partner is wearing a condom, especially something that suits your body, it helps with engaging the clitoris with sizzling hot sensations while being equally as pleasurable for the penis. When you’re the one being penetrated and are on top, condoms help with maintaining multiple things at once. They help provide a good grip so you can enjoy the smoothest ride you’ll experience with your partner, and both of you won’t have to struggle to get the penis into the proper position or to maintain the erection by trying nine ways to Sunday. This also keeps you in control of the amount of friction exchanged across one, the penis; two, the condom; and three, the vagina or the anus. When you’re trying to switch from cowgirl to reverse cowgirl or vice-versa, the condom makes sure that the penis doesn’t slip out and the vibe is maintained well. 
Condoms have shown a lot of benefits. They’re also reshaping the road towards sexual awareness and communication in their own ways. Condoms can genuinely shake things up in the bedroom while doubling as a handy prop that protects you during the best sex you’ve had. 
So, go ahead and have a happy time sex-ploring! 
P.S: Please note that no form of contraceptives provides 100% protection from unintended pregnancies or STIs. Please contact your nearest Registered Medical Practitioner (RMP) to ascertain your reproductive health and/or safety.
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